What’s The Best Sex You Ever Had?

I had a conversation at work today about bondage, which in turn lead to the inevitable conversation of the best sex I’d ever had? Funny how you always have these strange conversations in random places and with random people, isn’t it? Pausing the conversation about anal sex to stop and serve a 62-year old customer was one of the highlights of the day, I must be honest. Back to the topic in hand and it was strange because I couldn’t think of one particular sexual escapade, or one particular person, as the best sex I’d ever had. Is there one sexual experience that you can say that rocked your world above all others? Should I just have the one? Or am I allowed a whole bunch? Surely this is just greedy?

What's The Best Sex You Ever Had?

Meh, I’m a greedy kinda gal.

I like to think that I have good sex in general, to be honest. As shallow as this may sound, I couldn’t stay with a person that I didn’t have good sex with. Nor could I stay with a person that had a tiny penis. Shallow? Probably. To be honest, I don’t really care. I prefer sex that isn’t normal. I want sex that goes above and beyond whatever normal sex is meant to be, and with the introduction of books just like “Fifty Shades of Grey“, it has become more obvious that I am not the only person that thinks this way.

I like sex that pushes my boundaries – I want a lover to get to the point where I am forced to say “Stop!”, which brings me very nicely to one of my most recent sexual experiences that, quite frankly, blew my mind.

My current man is starting to shape up into quite a good lover. If you’ve read my very first post on my blog, you will understand that this guy is amazing in bed, (or as he likes to say – Amaze Balls!) but is rather poor when it comes to kissing and foreplay. However, in bed, when he is inside me, it is the most thrilling time of my life. He has a rather large cock. It is long, yet narrow, which is not my usual type of cock, if I am allowed to have a type at all; I usually prefer them to be thicker rather than longer. Anyway, I digress… He pounds into me in a way that rocks my world. It hurts but I like it! The other night, I almost had to say “stop!”… Almost but not quite.

In all fairness, I think this gets us both off – he wants to push me to a point where I need to say stop, and I am waiting for the guy that can force me to use such a word. I am a bit of a pain junkie to be honest, and as much as I hate to admit such a thing, I want a man that can push me to a point where I actually cannot physically stand the pain anymore. The other night he had my ass lifted slightly, my legs on his shoulders and he was pounding into me with a force I had never seen from a man. It was so animal in nature, it was quite the turn on. With each thrust, he seemed to get deeper and deeper, and I could feel him poking and prodding against parts of my insides that I never realised existed before!

Before long he exploded inside me, and I realised – as much as this guy kisses like a trout and flicks my bean, when it comes to the sex, he really “gets” me! The same applies when he puts it in my ass. Now I don’t know if I am allowed to talk about this, but I’m going to – he pounds my ass with the same ferocious nature that he pounds my pussy, and as much as it hurts and I want to scream out “STOP” at the very top of my lungs, it is such a TURN ON!

Seeing a man that wild and violent; it scares me, but turns me on at the same time. Does this make me weird?

This made me think back to the other great sexual experiences I have had, and in all fairness, it made me realise what a BDSM/pain junkie I really was! The guy that blindfolded me and tied me up the very first time we had sex, The Hubby that I had angry sex with up against a wall when I threw a tumbler or orange juice in his face, the guy that fisted me and made me hang-mans nooses out of rope, so that I could feel the pain of the tough restraint against my delicate wrists…. Wow! I really am a bit of a freak!

I can honestly say that all of my BEST experiences have been out-of-the-ordinary ones; ones that involved pain in some way or another, ones that meant me being submissive in some form. I guess in life I want to be the dominant one, but in bed I want someone else to take control. When I think about it this way, it almost makes sense, but when I talk about it with my friends, they just think I’m a little odd. It’s funny though – the ferocious sex between me and my current man is like an unspoken agreement. We have spoken about a few things, but for the most part, it is an unspoken thought between me and him – my body must give off vibes that he picks up on, and in turn this teaches him when to be soft and when to go hard. I wish I could tell him how much I love it when he hurts me, (but hate the way he kisses) but in reality, I would probably be too ashamed of myself to have that conversation with him, especially face to face. I guess for now our unspoken agreement of rough sex and a good pounding will do, but it’s only going to be a matter of time before we have to find something new to spice things up. Especially as we have only been dating for a few short months and he’s already hurting me and shoving his cock in my ass….

It just makes me think; would I dare to tell someone exactly how I like my sex? Am I even going to find someone else that understands where I’m coming from? In all the 34 (so far that I have remembered) men that I have slept with, only 3 or 4 of these have given me the kind of sex that I like, and in all fairness, I probably only realised the kind of sex I liked a couple of years ago. Would I be able to go to another guy after this one and have the same enjoyable sex life, minus the foreplay? Or would it be all vanilla sex and good kisses?

It’s that art of compromising again, and oh what a bitch it is!

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